G-Hotkey is a macro, key remapper, and automation utility designed to work specifically with commercial computer games.  G-Hotkey now works with games that use DirectInput.

G-Hotkey includes the following features:

Auto quick-save allows you to save your game automatically at a specified interval of your choice.  Sound (.wav) files can be played before a quick-save occurs or a sound only alert.

Use the Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, or Num Lock keys to easily determine when G-Hotkey is active while in a game.

Set the key delay at which keys are sent to the active game window to improve reliability.

The G-Hotkey Editor provides an easy to use graphical interface to create remapped keys, macros, and hotkeys for use in your game.  You do not need to learn a programming language or write scripts to create complex macros.

Remapped keys can be created to hold down a specific key and the Rapid Fire feature can be used to have a key press/mouse click constantly repeat itself at a very rapid rate.

Complex macros can be created with the ability to send mouse clicks and combination keys to the active game window.  Macros can also be set to repeat at a specified or random interval with the ability to fire off another macro upon completion.  This can be useful in online multiplayer games.

G-Hotkey was designed to have a minimal impact on game performance (uses less than 1% of the processor while being used in the game).

G-Hotkey does not install any spyware.  The G-Hotkey setup program creates only one registry entry (program location).  All of the program files G-Hotkey uses are located in the directory it was installed to. 

G-Hotkey does not modify the game executable, configuration files, or keyboard/mouse drivers.

G-Hotkey has a console mode included (G-HotkeyC.exe) which allows you to run games directly from the console without a GUI front-end.

Macros can automate the process of typing in cheat codes and text messages in games.

Bind up to 12 remapped keys, 4 simple macros, and 9 simple/complex macros per game profile.  You can have as many configurations for each game that you desire.

You can have up to 10 profiles per game that can be switched out while playing in the active game.  This allows you to use a total of 120 remapped keys, 40 macros, and 90 simple/complex macros in a game without having to quit the game and re-load a different G-Hotkey profile.

You can create or change Virtual-Key codes in the virtualkeycodes.ini file included with G-Hotkey.  This is useful if you have a Non-US keyboard layout or are interested in mapping unique key codes to specific keys.

G-Hotkey Manual and Forum (02/22/2016):

Be sure to check out the
G-Hotkey Manual and G-Hotkey Discussion Forum.  If you are just getting started using G-Hotkey be sure to read the the following threads: Legend of Grimrock II, Path of Exile, Divinity Original Sin, Dragon Age: Origins (Full Description), Alice Madness Returns (Full Description), How make any button HOLD, Rapid Fire, Macro, All with the XIM360 (XIM3) on XBOX360, Divinity II (Full Description), Risen (Full Description), Dead Space (Full Description)Resolving a stuck key problem (where a key is depressed and will not release), Cryostasis (Full Description), Crysis Warhead (Full Description), Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion (Full Description), Thief - Deadly Shadows (Full Description), Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (Full Description), Battlefield 2, F.E.A.R (Advanced), Tomb Raider - Legend (Full Description), Guild Wars (Full Description), Vampire Bloodlines (Full Description), Beyond Divinity (Full Description), and Dungeon Siege II (Full Description) for good introductory tutorials.

Note for Windows 10 OS Users: The winhlp32.exe in Windows 10 does not work properly with G-Hotkey.  If you want the help to work in G-Hotkey under Windows 10 please download and follow the instructions in this file:
winhlp32.zip.  After you install this keep in mind if you ever run: sfc /scannow - you will have to re-install the file included in winhlp32.zip as it will replace winhlp32.exe with the original version.

G-Hotkey Version Changes (02/21/2016):

Updated the installer program to resolve issues with Windows 10 OS.
Added the option to add web (.url) files in the Location: input box.


G-Hotkey support/donations are $5.00 US Dollars and can be purchased through PayPal® (international payments are welcome also).

Upon payment you will receive full support based on the e-mail account you used to pay with.  Previous users who have purchased G-Hotkey prior to it becoming free are already included in the support plan.  Please always use the first part of your e-mail address (name@dot.com - just the 'name' part) when using the message forum so I can match your name with the e-mail address you purchased support under.

Please keep your e-mail receipt that is sent to you from PayPal®.  I will also keep an e-mail receipt of the transaction.  If at a later time you change your e-mail address you will have proof of purchase and I will be able to provide support.

Download the full free version now (Windows® XP/7/8.1/10-32/64bit)



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