Q: Will G-Hotkey work in all commercial computer games?

A: All games now that use DirectInput should work properly with G-Hotkey.  Some multiplayer games may use some kind of keyboard or mouse blocking program to intercept and block G-Hotkey though.  G-Hotkey will not work with this type of game.

Q: How do I E-mail technical support for G-Hotkey?

A: Please use the following links for support:

G-Hotkey Discussion Forum (preferred)


When you use an e-mail client please make sure that G-Hotkey is in the subject line or your message will not be read.  Allow for up to 24 hours for a response.  All e-mail questions regarding G-Hotkey must be in English or German language.  I will not respond to any e-mail that is not in English or German.


G-Hotkey support/donations are $5.00 US Dollars and can be purchased through PayPal® (international payments are welcome also).

Upon payment you will receive full support based on the e-mail account you used to pay with.  Previous users who have purchased G-Hotkey prior to it becoming free are already included in the support plan.  Please always use the first part of your e-mail address (name@dot.com - just the 'name' part) when using the message forum so I can match your name with the e-mail address you purchased support under.

Please keep your e-mail receipt that is sent to you from PayPal®.  I will also keep an e-mail receipt of the transaction.  If at a later time you change your e-mail address you will have proof of purchase and I will be able to provide support.